Education Project

The WCEC has agreed to conduct a first global project titled

How Does Chemical Engineering Education Meet The Requirements of Employment?

Survey among young chemical engineers who entered employment no longer than five years ago

In addition to providing Chemical Engineering graduates with a sound knowledge of the fundamentals required for a professional chemical engineering career a University Education should provide graduates with attributes, which are broader than those which focus on the particular discipline. These generic attributes prepare the new graduate for a broad range of employment and enable the professional chemical engineer to apply his or her knowledge in a diverse range of tasks.

Modern accreditation systems require undergraduate programs to include courseware, which contribute to the acquisition of the generic attributes. Generic attributes are acquired by a variety of means in life's experience. Nevertheless, a good Chemical Engineering program will enhance these experiences.

A questionnaire was available on the internet until 31 December 2003. Answers were received from 2.158 young chemical engineers. The results are summerized in four documents which can be downloaded below:

Executive Summary (german)
4 pages, 140 K
Executive Summary (english)
4 pages, 140 K
Short Report (english)
15 pages, 253 K
Full Report (english)
97 pages, 537 K